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More posts from Peace Corp’s Anne-Marie Number 5 - May 21

Marriage Proposals “L’eau est glace; il faut boire”* are the exact words she said to me. Yes, she, a female neighbor of mine who was petitioning her husband for me to marry. To read Newsletter 5 Anne-Marie click here + More

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Peace Corps

Learn more about Peace Corps opportunites, including the Master's International program. + More


Senior Technical Advisor- Gender and IHD (IHD) - Provides technical and thought leadership in gender integration and IHD as part of CRSs core competency of Justice and Peacebuilding Integration, serving as agency strategy lead for gender. Solutions are thorough, innovative, contribute to agency objectives, and are recognized by peers. Leads development and implementation of the CRS Global Gender and IHD Strategies, setting standards for gender responsive programming in specific development and humanitarian sectors. + More

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AWARE - Advancing Women in Agriculture through Research and Education - is an initiative to ensure that gender is considered in all IP-CALS activities, including our sponsored and academic programs.
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William Lesser
Meet William Lesser:
William Lesser's research focuses on the implications of agricultural biotechnology products on production costs and the size, structure, and geographic distribution of farming. He also concentrates on the costs, benefits, and structural implications of intellectua... + More


Transnational Learning

Cornell Transnational Learning (CTL) is a program that leverages experience and resources from Cornell University's College of Agriculture and Life Sciences to work with partner institutions mainly in Afric... + More


Study Abroad Student Experiences

Students write about their experiences from around the world. + More