Pagoda in Bagan, Myanmar (2017 IARD trip)

Credit: Kevin Pritts

IARD students in India, 2014

Ronnie Coffman, right, Director of International Programs

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International Programs

International Programs in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (IP-CALS) meets the fundamental challenges of development and food security through teaching, research, and outreach programs that involve undergraduates, graduate students, faculty, and mid-career professionals. With innovative projects and degree programs that focus on food, agriculture and development, IP-CALS produces leaders who positively and sustainably improve global food security.

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Bt eggplant improving lives in Bangladesh

Jul 11, 2018
Bt eggplant is the first genetically engineered crop to be successfully introduced in South Asia. By reducing the need for pesticides, the crop is helping some of the world's poorest farmers feed their families and communities. Read more