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FALL 2011

September 7
Managing Food Price Volatility
Peter Timmer, Harvard University
see video here
pdf of Peter Timmer's presentation here

September 14
Hunger in the Balance: The New Politics of International Food Aid (video)
Jennifer Clapp, University of Waterloo
see video here
pdf of Jennifer Clapp's presentation here

September 21
Rice in the Global Economy: Strategic Research and Policy Issues for Food Security
Sushil Pandey, International Rice Research Institute
see video here

September 28
A Nutrition Message Consistent for All the World
T. Colin Campbell, Cornell University
see video here

October 5
Private Investment, Large Farms and Competitiveness: Is There a Connection?
Derek Byerlee, The World Bank
see video here
pdf of Derek Byerlee's presentation here

October 19
The African Resurgence: Drivers and Challenges for Equitable Agricultural Growth (video)
Peter Matlon, International Consultant
see video here
pdf of Peter Matlon's presentation here
Accompanying paper for Peter Matlon's talk here

October 20 University Lecture Series
(co-sponsored by CIIFAD)
Reflections on a Career in Diplomacy Edward J. Perkins, Former US Ambassador to South Africa, Australia, Liberia and the United Nations
For information about the University Lecture Series, click here

October 26
US Food Aid Policy and the 2012 Farm Bill
Stephanie Mercier, former Chief Economist for the Democratic Staff of the Senate Agriculture Committee
pdf of Stephanie Mercier's presentation here

November 2
Science for Impact: New International Agricultural Research Challenges
Ruben Echeverria, International Center for Tropical Agriculture
see video here
pdf of Ruben Echeverria's presentation here

November 5
Skills-Building Workshop on Monitoring & Evaluation

This Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Workshop is designed to expose 30 advanced students and junior professionals to the ideas and skills involved in monitoring and evaluation, focused specifically on field-based, international food, agriculture, and natural resource contexts. Participants will be selected to represent a range of positions, disciplines, gender, and projects. To maximize the benefits of the program, preference will be given to those who already have an existing project or at least a very clear idea of a future project.

More information about the workshop here



Western Michigan University's, Evaluation Center, 'Evaluation Checklists' (easy to reference, quick guides to designing evaluations using different models:

Several places where students and professionals can get further training in short 1/2 day to week-long training institutes:
1) The Evaluator's Institute:
2) Professional development workshops offered as part of the annual American Evaluation Association conference every fall:
3) International Program for Development Evaluation Training workshops:

November 9
SRI 2.0: How Is the System of Rice Intensification Evolving, and What Are We Learning?
Erika Styger, Cornell International Institute for Food, Agriculture and Development
pdfs here

November 16
Exploring a Green Economy Approach to Climate-Smart Agriculture
Sara J. Scherr, Ecoagriculture Partners


February 9
From Recommendations to Reality: Designing and Implementing Nutrition Policy in the Real World
David Pelletier, Professor of Nutritional Science, Cornell University
pdf here

February 16
Business and Sustainability Calayst or Irritant?
Mark Milstein, Director, Center for Sustainable Global Enterprise, Cornell University
see video here 

February 23
Bringing Science to Development: Fact, Fantasy and Opportunity
John Duxbury, Professor of Crop and Soil Sciences, Cornell University
presentation here

The World Bank's View on Enhancing Agricultural Innovation: How to Go Beyond Strengthening of Research Systems
Eija Pehu, Science Advisor, and Rikka Rajalahti, Sr. Agricultural Innovations Specialist, The World Bank

March 9
"Relax, We're From Conservation, Inc.": Exploring the Consequences of Protecting Biodiversity
Jim Lassoie, Professor of Natural Resources, Cornell University
Email for a copy of Dr. Lassoie's presentation.

March 16
Index-Based Insurance: Financial Innovations for Development and Conservation
Chris Barrett, Professor of Applied Economics and Management, Cornell University
see video here

March 30
India's Dairy Revolution: The Role of Collective Action
Tom Carter, Technical Advisor USAID
pdf here 

April 6
Micro-Hydro Power in Indonesia: Lessons from a Social Entrepreneur
Tri Mumpuni, Executive Director, People-Centered Business and Economic Institute
see video here

April 13
Mycotoxins and Human Health: From Laboratory to Community
Yun Yun Gong, Senior Lecturer, University of Leeds
see video here

April 20
Sowing the "Seeds of Development" in Africa
Ed Mabaya, Assistant Director, Cornell International Institute for Food, Agriculture and Development
pdf here

April 21

  • CIIFAD 2nd Annual Symposium: "Student Engagement in International Development"
  • Monroe Weber-Shirk, Senior Lecturer, Civil & Environmental Engineering, and Director, AguaClara
  • Richard Kiely, Associate Director, Center for Teaching Excellence
  • Rebecca Darling, CIPA Fellow, Student Multidisciplinary Applied Research Teams (SMART)
  • Robin Bigelow, CALS '11, Partnership for Honduran Health
  • Reginald Severe, CALS '11, Global Health Initiative

see videos here