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FALL 2012

September 5
Agricultural Science, Technology, and Innovation: New Pathways for Developing Country Agriculture and the Environment
David Spielman, Research Fellow, International Food Policy Research Institute

September 12
The Role of Agriculture in a Modernizing Society: Food, Farms and Fields in China 2030
Luc Christiaensen, Senior Economist, The World Bank

September 19
Food Security, Migration, and Climate Change
Robert McLeman, Professor of Geography, Wilfrid Laurier University

September 26
Small-holder Agriculture in a Global Economy: A Panel Discussion
John Duxbury, Professor of Crop and Soil Sciences; Ed Mabaya, Assistant Director, CIIFAD; and Anu Rangarajan, Senior Extension Associate, Horticulture (Moderated by Ralph Christy, CIIFAD Director)

October 3
Innovations in Building the Next Generation of Agricultural Scientists in Africa
Joyce Moock, Former Program Officer for African Higher Education Partnership, The Rockefeller Foundation

October 11
One Billion Hungry: Can We Feed the World?
233 Plant Science Professor Sir Gordon Conway, Imperial College, London (former President of the Rockefeller Foundation and Scientific Adviser to the Department of International Development)

October 24
ICT for Agriculture Development in Sub-Saharan Africa:A Market Linkages and Research Directions
Blessing Maumbe, Professor of Agribusiness Management, West Virginia University

October 31
Agriculture, Health and Nutrition Linkages in Mongu, Zambia
Beth Medvecky, Assistant Director, CIIFAD, Cornell University

November 7
Mainstreaming Eco-Standards for Tropical Agricultural Commodities: Impacts and Implications
Jeff Milder, Visiting Fellow, Department of Natural Resources, Cornell University and EcoAgriculture Partners

November 14
To Bt or Not to Bt? State, Civil Society, and Firms' Roles in Transgenic Crop Controversies in India
Devparna Roy, Visiting Fellow, The Polson Institute for Global Development, Cornell University


February 8
Aid to Middle Income Countries?
Ravi Kanbur, Cornell Professor, Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management

February 15
Ensuring Food Security, Income and Nutrition: The Role of Horticulture
Chris Wien, Cornell Professor, Department of Horticulture

February 22
The Current Global Land-Grab: A Game-Changer?
Phil McMichael, Cornell Professor, Department of Development Sociology

February 29
Fostering Robust Community Engaged Learning & Research Programs in Global Contexts: Key Principles and Practices
Richard Kiely, Director, Cornell Center for Community Engaged Learning and Research

March 7
Biofuel Policies and Food Grain Prices
Harry de Gorter, Cornell Professor, Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management

March 28
Mycotoxin Outbreaks: An Early Warning from Developing Countries
Dan Brown, Cornell Professor, Department of Animal Science

April 4
Feeding the Future
Julie Howard, Deputy Coordinator for Development, USAID

April 11
A Call for a "Brown Revolution": How Soils are Key to Improving Crop Productivity and Ensuring Food Security
Peter Hobbs, Cornell Professor, Department of Crop and Soil Science

CIIFAD Annual Symposium
April 19
ICTs for Agricultural Information, Outreach, and Impact: Potentials and Pitfalls
Jenny Aker, Professor of Economics, Tufts University