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Fall 2016 Seminar Series

Wednesdays, 12:20-1:10pm
135 Emerson Hall 
Refreshments provided. Co-sponsored by the Departments of Crop and Soil Sciences, Natural Resources, and The Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management

August 31
Maintaining Global Food Security and Sustainability
Philip Shull, Retired Senior Diplomat, U.S. Department of Agriculture

September 7
Large Scale Land Use Change in La Plata Basin: Drivers, Transformation, Unanticipated Impacts
Marco Rondon, International Development Research Centre, Canada

September 14
The Potential for Connecting More Dots Between Higher Education and Research for Development
Beth Medvecky, Liaison Scientist, McKnight Collaborative Crop Research Program and CIIFAD Assistant Director

September 21
Beyond the City: Resource Extraction Urbanism in South America
Felipe Correa, Professor of Urban Design, Harvard University

September 28
Earth Observation for Tropical Forest Monitoring in the Climate Change Context
Hajar Benelcadi, Project Officer, Système d’Information à Référence Spatiale (SIRS), France

October 5
Beyond Fences: Policy Options for Wildlife, Livelihoods and Transboundary Animal Disease Management in Southern Africa
Steven Osofsky, Cornell Professor, Wildlife Health and Health Policy, Veterinary Medicine

October 19
Misunderstanding Leadership in Africa, and the Implications for Africa's Development
Peter Ondeng, Founder & Chairman, Lead Africa Institute, Kenya

October 26
Facilitating the Global Dialogue on GMOs: A Panel Discussion
Alliance for Science Fellows
Moderator: Atu Darko, Associate Director, Cornell Alliance for Science, International Programs

November 2
Microbial Food Safety Trends and Issues: How Safe Can Our Food Be?
Martin Wiedmann, Cornell Professor, Department of Food Science

November 9
Hard Realities of International Engagement and Service Learning: Lessons from INTAG, Ecuador
James Lassoie, Cornell Professor, Department of Natural Resources

November 16
The Challenge of Sustaining a Competitive Enabling Environment for Small-holders: Evidence/experiences from East Africa Mainza Mugoya, Regional Coordinator, Market Matters Inc., Seed Traders Association, Kenya

Spring 2016 Seminar Series 

Wednesdays, 12:20-1:10pm
135 Emerson Hall 
Refreshments provided. Co-sponsored by the Departments of Crop and Soil Sciences, Natural Resources, and The Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management

February 10
Reducing Uncertainty in Rainfall Projections for Improved Food Security in Malawi
David Wolfe, Cornell Professor, Horticulture Section, School of Integrative Plant Science and Toby Ault, Cornell Professor, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

February 24
Proposing Integrated Landscape Management as Means to Implement the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
Louise Buck, Cornell Senior Extension Associate, Department of Natural Resources

March 2
Does ITC Overcome Institutional Voids in Developing Countries?
Stefan Einarson, Information Technology Director, CALS/International Programs

March 9
Making Large-Scale Land-Based Agro-Investments Work for Development in Subsahara Africa: Lessons Learned from Tanzania's Sugar, Tea and Rice Sectors
Michael Bruentrup, Senior Researcher, Sustainable Economic and Social Development, German Development Institute

March 16
How Biofuel Policies Rocked World Cereal Markets: The Greatest Story NOT Told in the History of Commodity Price Analysis
Harry de Gorter, Cornell Professor, Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management

March 23
Private Sector Agribusiness Investment in Emerging Markets
Gene Moses, Senior Agribusiness Strategist, International Finance Corporation

April 6
From Research Labs to Farmer Fields: Development of Formal Seed Systems in Africa
Ed Mabaya, CIIFAD Associate Director and Research Associate, Dyson School of Applied Economics
and Management

April 1312:20-1:30, 401 Warren
International Symposium: Global Leadership and the New Normal
Ambassador James A. Joseph, Emeritus Professor of the Practice of Public Policy Studies at Duke University