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Name and Title Phone Number Office
Maricelis Acevedo
Associate Director for Science, DGGW
607-255-1455 (Office) B75 Mann Library
Sarah Adeyemo
Program Manager, Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Crop Improvement
  B75 Mann Library
Cally Arthur
Project Associate
607-227-7983 (Mobile) B75 Mann Library
John Bakum
Communications Specialist
607-255-4516 (Office)
607-351-6173 (Mobile)
B75 Mann Library
Canaan Boyer
Project Support Specialist, NextGen Cassava
607- 280-8303 (Mobile) B75 Mann Library
Ronnie Coffman
607-255-2554 (Office)
607-327-1824 (Mobile)
B75 Mann Library
Andrea Durmiaki

Administrative Assistant – Alliance for Science

607-255-0831(Office) B75 Mann Library
Chiedozie Egesi
Project Manager, NextGen Cassava
Stefan Einarson
607-255-6115 (Office)
607-280-1878 (Mobile)
B75 Mann Library
Sarah Evanega
Senior Associate Director
607-255-1064 (Office)
607-279-5577 (Mobile)
B75 Mann Library
Lucy Fisher
Associate Director of Communications for SRI-Rice
607-255-2920 (Office) B75 Mann Library
Anna Garber-Hammond
Events Coordinator
607-255-2234 (Office)
607-229-4392 (Mobile)
B75 Mann Library
Vanessa Greenlee
Deputy Director - Alliance for Science
607-255-5965(Office) B75 Mann Library
Peter Gregory
Coordinator Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship
607-255-9855 (Office)
607-327-0068 (Mobile)
621 Bradfield Hall
Matt Hayes
Associate Director for Communications
607-254-2276 (Office) B75 Mann Library
Polly Endreny Holmberg
Training Program Lead, Alliance for Science
607-255-4778 (Office) B75 Mann Library
Francine Jasper
Associate Director/Professional Development
607-255-1907 (Office)
607-227-5802 (Mobile)
B75 Mann Library
Devon Jenkins
Program Coordinator for GREAT and AWARE
707-239-4034 (Mobile) B75 Mann Library
Chris Knight
Video Producer/Audio-Visual Specialist
607-255-1275 (Office)
845-240-0647 (Mobile)

B30-D Mann Library

Linda McCandless
Associate Director for Communications
607-255-2696 (Office)
607-227-5920 (Mobile)
B75 Mann Library
Patricia Meenen
ISAAA's Financial Administrator
607-255-1724 (Office) 105 Leland Lab Agronomy
Beth Anne Medvecky
Research Associate, Food Systems and Poverty Reduction IGERT
607-255-3035 (Office) B75 Mann Library
Kelly Merchan
Communications Specialist
  B75 Mann Library
Monifa Morgan-Bell
Program Assistant, Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Crop Improvement
  B75 Mann Library
Diane Munn
Undergraduate Coordinator
607-255-3811 (Office) B75 Mann Library
Denise Percey
Assistant to the Directors/Graduate Field Assistant
607-255-3035 (Office)
607-279-1059 (Mobile)
B75 Mann Library
Danielle Poole 607-255-6357 (Office) B75 Mann Library
Jaron Porciello
Associate Director for Research Data Engagement and Training
574-229-4123 (Mobile) B75 Mann Library
K.V. Raman
Associate Director
607-255-3550 (Office)
607-327-3336 (Mobile)
B75 Mann Library
Tony Shelton
International Professsor/Entomology/Geneva
315-787-2352 (Office)
315-729-5932 (Mobile)
B75 Mann Library
Angie Smith
Finance Administrator
607-255-2274 (Office)
607-351-1168 (Mobile)
B75 Mann Library
Erika Styger
Associate Director for Climate-Resilient Farming Systems
607-279-9203 (Mobile) B75 Mann Library
Tammy Thomas
Business Administrator
607-255-7719 (Office)
607-327-2030 (Mobile)
B75 Mann Library
Terry Tucker
Associate Director/Academic Programs
607-255-3391 (Office) 15C Plant Science
B75 Mann Library
Hale Tufan
Associate Director, Gender; Project Director for GREAT and AWARE; NextGen Cassava Breeding Project
607-319-6812 (Office) B75 Mann Library
Norman Uphoff
Prof Emeritus
607-255-1902 (Office) 292 Caldwell
Amy Woodin 607-255-1419 (Office) B75 Mann Library