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Elizabeth Agbamuche in Cassava Field

AWARE is an initiative by IP-CALS to engage a community focused on empowering women in agriculture. AWARE believes that empowering women as an underserved group holds the greatest potential to make significant impacts in agricultural development.

AWARE aims to bring gender responsiveness to all CALS activities, from curricula to research projects to university policy, leveraging impact in the developing world to particularly serve women farmers and improve their families’ livelihoods. Through AWARE, we believe that Cornell is leading the growing recognition within US educational and agricultural development institutions that women are the key to solving global agricultural challenges.

AWARE resources and activities include:

  • Annual travel grants to support graduate students to conduct international research on topics in gender in agriculture with up to $2,500 in funding per awardee
  • A weekly newsletter, disseminated globally, featuring new, resources and opportunities pertaining to gender and agricultural development
  • A Resource Database of curated gender and agricultural development resources, sourced from our weekly AWARE Newsletter
  • A seminar series hosting internationally-renowned speakers on gender in agriculture, now folded into the IP-CALS Perspectives in International Development Seminar Series
  • Representing IP-CALS' commitment to gender equity and mainstreaming at global agricultural fora
  • Developing and implementing gender initiatives in current and future proposals and funded activities
  • Integrating gender issues in the courses and academic initiatives of IP-CALS
  • Curating a gender-focused library that is freely accessible to the Cornell community
  • Disseminating information within IP-CALS on lectures, conferences, and events related to gender in agriculture
  • Promoting the participation of researchers committed to women's leadership training initiatives

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AWARE receives partial funding from IP-CALS at Cornell University; the CALS Dean’s Office; and an endowment from W.R. Coffman, Director of IP-CALS.