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Master of Professional Studies (MPS) degree programs in the field of Global Development are course-based, specialized, one-year master’s programs that emphasize knowledge development and skillset refinement for students seeking global career advancement.

CALS International Programs offers two Master of Professional Studies (MPS) degree programs in the field of Global Development. Both degree programs feature advanced coursework combined with an impactful capstone project. Students in both programs collaborate together in seminars, international opportunities, and professional skill development activities designed to support their career interests. While both programs carry a minimum of 30 credits for completion over two semesters of full-time study, each has a unique focus and degree requirements to fulfill Global Development learning objectives.  Together with their faculty advisor(s), students select from a wide range of CALS and Cornell courses to explore their area of interest. The two degree program options are described below. 

The MPS in Agriculture and Life Sciences, with a concentration in International Agriculture and Rural Development, is ideal for students interested in the multidisciplinary dimensions of rural development in low income economies globally. Students develop the skills to critically analyze alternative strategies and evaluate practices, technologies, approaches, and trends in agriculture and rural development efforts. 

This degree program is especially relevant to experienced practitioners from any country, seeking broad-gauged perspectives and knowledge for careers focused on agriculture, food policy and security, and rural development around the world.

The MPS in International Development is designed for students with development interests beyond a specific focus on agriculture or rural communities, including but not limited to areas such as environmental management, human health and nutrition, land-use planning and management, urban development, demography, policy and regulation, justice and social equity, governance and law, business and industry, and science and technology. Approximately half of the coursework is in some combination of the following areas of analysis:

  • development administration and planning
  • development economics
  • communication and related analytical tools

The other half is devoted to in-depth study in a concentration area of particular interest to the student, with the guidance of the faculty advisor.

The MPS in International Development program is especially relevant to experienced practitioners from any country who are seeking to enhance their professional careers by studying global issues and policies that transcend geopolitical boundaries.

In addition to the MPS degree programs, Global Development offers a minor in International Agriculture and Rural Development for graduate students at the M.S. and Ph.D. levels. Read more about the IARD minor