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Adiam Asfaha Adiam Asfaha
Adiam Asfaha is a professional master’s student studying international development. His research at Cornell is in science and technology policy focusing on barriers to innovation, technology transfer and commercialization in agrarian economies...Read More
Caitlin Baumhart Caitlin Baumhart

Caitlin Baumhart is pursuing a professional Master’s degree in International Development in the field of Global Development from the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Cornell and is hoping to focus on Maternal Health. After attending Oakton Community College for two years she transferred to Cornell University and competed her Undergraduate Studies in Biological Sciences...Read More

Juliana Bayona Juliana Bayona
Juliana Bayona is a candidate for a professional master’s degree in international development, with a concentration in development policy. Juliana is interested in exploring the potential benefits of promoting the strengthening of smallholder agriculture in Colombia, as a means to foster socioeconomic development and contribute to building lasting peace in the country...Read More
Maria Castro Duenas Maria Castro Duenas
Maria Castro is a Master of Professional Studies candidate in International Development with a concentration in Development Policy. She is interested in developing social projects that have long-term impacts on society and climate change awareness. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Universidad del Pacifico...Read More
Barbara Chami Barbara Chami

Barbara Chami is a Master’s candidate in International Agricultural and Rural Development, specializing in trade agreements and policy. She is interested in economic, environmental, and social implications of international development. Prior to her start at Cornell, Barbara worked as a Program Associate with the World Education Foundation on its pilot program in rural Myanmar...Read More

Leigha Crout Leigha Crout
Leigha Crout is a Master of Professional Studies candidate in international development. As a licensed international human rights attorney, she received both her J.D. and an LL.M. in Civil & International Human Rights Law at the University of Notre Dame Law School. Her primary areas of research include the practical implementation of international human rights standards in Eastern and Southeastern Asia, international environmental law, women’s rights, and international protections for persons with disabilities...Read More
Amarachi Emeziem Amarachi Emeziem
Amarachi Emeziem is a Professional Master’s Studies candidate in International Development, specializing in International policy and rural development with interest in the role of Education in global development and agriculture in South Eastern Nigeria. She received her first degree in Computer Science with honors from Anambra State University Nigeria...Read More
Melissa Goldman Melissa Goldman
Melissa Goldman is a Master of Professional Studies candidate in International Development with a focus in nutrition. She is interested in sustainable food systems and nutritionally sensitive agriculture. She holds a Master’s of Public Health from the University of South Florida where she focused in disaster management and humanitarian relief. She also holds a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Colorado in Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences...Read More
Tara Hammonds Tara Hammonds
Tara Hammonds is pursuing her Masters of Professional Studies in International Development, with an interest in developing smallholder livestock farming practices. This is her fourth year at Cornell University, where she will begin studying within the MPS program as she finishes her BS degree in International Agriculture and Rural Development...Read More
Chris Harris Christopher Harris
Chris Harris is a candidate for a professional master’s degree in international development, with a concentration in development policy.  Chris is interested in exploring the power of international institutions to influence policy in developing countries and how these policies are devised to facilitate an atmosphere conducive to capital investment...Read More
Bo Ram Kim Boram Kim
Boram Kim is a professional master’s degree candidate specializing in international development. She looks forward to focus her master’s research on development implications of temporary migrant labor at national and individual levels. She came to be interested in the foreign workers’ issue as she has been working for the Korean government...Read More
Jefferson Mecham Jefferson Mecham

Jeff is an MPS candidate in International Agriculture and Rural Development specializing in forest/land restoration and regenerative enterprise. From 1991-2016 he was engaged as a project coordinator and consultant with indigenous and rural organizations, local governments, foundations, and landowners in Ecuador, with occasional assignments in other Latin American countries, India, and the Philippines...Read More

Alex Meckley Alexandra Meckley
Alexandra Meckley is a professional master’s degree candidate specializing in international agriculture and rural development. Her master’s research interests are knowledge sharing as it pertains to sustainable small holder farms and the effect this transfer has on community members. These interests began while she was serving as an agricultural extension agent in Peace Corps Cameroon from 2014-2016. During this time, her main project focused on sustainable food security in the off season of crop production...Read More
Ellen Nevers Ellen Nevers
Elle (Ellen) is studying International Agriculture and Rural Development in the MPS Global Development program. Her research interests include the sustainable farming methods of isolated communities and the impact an individual's degree of integration in their food system has on their relationship with their environment...Read More
  Gaga Nikabadze
Maia Tserediani Maia Tserediani
Prior to Cornell, Maia worked for many years in the development sector in her home country of Georgia. Her past work has focused on election transparency, civil society, policy and advocacy development. Her most recent position was at the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization on a project aimed at creating National Animal Identification and Traceability System in Georgia...Read More