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IP-CALS Seminar Series

On Wednesdays during the Fall and Spring semesters, from 12:20pm to 1:10pm in 135 Emerson Hall (unless otherwise noted), visitors and speakers from the Cornell community present international development-related seminars for the IP-CALS Perspectives in International Development Series. The seminars are free and open to the public. Students can also receive one credit for attending the seminar series, which is cross-listed as IARD 6960, NTRES 6960, PLSCS 6960, and AEM 6960.

Spring 2018

January 31 What Has Been Learned of Scientific Value from SRI Research and Experience
Norman Uphoff and Lucy Fisher
February 14 Apply a Gender Lens to International Development
Hale Tufan and Devon Jenkins
February 21 Participatory Water Governance – Impact of decentralization on water management in Honduras
Fawzia Tarannum, Hubert H Humphrey Fellow, is a lecturer at the TERI School of Advanced Studies in New Dehli
February 28 Ending Hunger Sustainably through Evidence-Based Consensus
Jaron Porciello, IP-CALS
March 7 Index-Based Livestock Insurance (IBLI): On the Positive Impacts of An Imperfect Product
Chris Barrett, Dyson School
March 14 When Women Unite: Self Help Groups in India and development versus the gender question
Ranjana Das, Hubert H. Humphrey Fellow
March 21 Farmer Research Network projects of the Collaborative Crop Research Program (CCRP): Two deep dive examples from Kenya
Beth Medvecky, IP-CALS
March 28 Linking migratory bird conservation with agroforestry and coffee cultivation in Latin America
Ruth Bennett, Department of Natural Resources
April 11 Agriculture & economic transformation in low & middle income countries
John Mellor, Dyson School
April 18 Biochar in smallholder agriculture in the tropics: taking stock
Johannes Lehmann
April 25 Toward inclusive development: learning from integrated landscape management to guide the future
Louise Buck
May 9 Capturing seed markets for African farmers: Real focus on the smallholder customer
Louise Sperling