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Jerry White

Jerry White


304 Warren Hall
(607) 255-2299

My program is aimed at helping owners and managers of horticultural firms to improve their management skills. My extension program is supported by applied research devoted to the economics of horticultural crops. Extension programs emphasize economic analyses of orchard, vineyard, and greenhouse production systems. Risk Management for specialty crop producers has been an important program area in recent years. Current research projects include Economic Analysis of the Tart Cherry Federal Marketing Orders. My international experience has focused on working with Eastern and Central European Universities and Institutes to develop their capacity for economic training and education during the transition to a market economy and accession to the European Union.

Outreach and Extension Focus

My Extension program emphasizes economic analyses of orchard, vineyard, and greenhouse production systems. Programs in business analysis and financial analysis are developed for horticultural producers and managers. The economics of starting a new winery and vineyard, and business planning for the grape and wine industry, haves been an important program area in recent years. I have also worked with Premier Apple Cooperative in conjunction with their annual conferences. Several activities are conducted annually with the Finger Lakes Grape Program, the Lake Erie Region Grape Program, and the Lake Ontario Fruit Program.

A major activity in 2008 was a study of the economic impacts of the Tart Cherry Federal Market Order which had a referendum on continuing operations in March 2008.

Key constituents and scope of educational programs: growers of fruit, vegetable, floriculture, and ornamental crops (problem solving, improving efficiency, and business and financial analysis); cooperatives in the Northeastern U.S. (problem solving); wineries in the Eastern U.S. (problem solving – business planning, marketing planning, and financial analysis);

Indicators of success most often used are evaluation forms administered after workshops and presentation.