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Rosemary Caffarella

Rosemary Caffarella


405 Kennedy
(607) 254-6496

Rosemary Caffarella believes her role as an educator is to assist learners to critically examine and reflect on how they define knowledge, learning and education. How educators view these concepts, coupled with their own values and the context in which they find themselves have a direct effect on how they view other people, construct learning and teaching situations, and act as instructors, program planners, and leaders. Completing this process requires learners and educators to be intrigued by what is unknown to them, open to what they have never before considered as real knowledge and caring for people and the environment in which they live.

Research Focus

I have three major areas of research: 1) learning in adulthood; 2) planning and evaluating programs for adult learners ; and 3)breast cancer education in low-and middle income countries, with a focus on Malaysia.

Outreach and Extension Focus

Malaysian Breast Cancer Education Program (CaRE Resource and Support Program in Malaysia), which was initiated in 2003. This program is a combination extension, development and research program. The program has expanded in the past year to also provide educational resources for patients and their families, health care personnel, and the community on other types of cancer.

The Breast Health Global Initiative for low-and middle-income nations. The role of this initiative is prepare and implement guidelines for early dectection diagnosis, treatment, and health care delivery in middle-and low-income countries. These guidelines were published in the journal Cancer in 2008, and work has focused on physican education, and more recently on health care systems in selected countries around the world.

Teaching Focus

I have three areas of teaching on which I focus: learning in adulthood; non-western and Indigenous ways of knowing, learning and teaching; and education and development in international and domestic settings

Presentations and Activities

  • My Malaysian Journey: The Importance of Culture. Commission of Professor of Adult Education. November 2011. Commission of Professors of Adult Education. Indianapolis, Indiana.
  • Planning Programs for Adults: Views from the Past, Present, and Future. Association of Adult and Continuing Annual Conference. November 2011. Association of Adult and Continuing Education . Indianapolis, Indiana.
  • Model Building in Program Planning: Blending Theory and Practice. Adult Education Research Conference. June 2011. Adult Education Research Conference and the Canadian Association for the Study of Adult Education. Toronto, Canada.