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Resilient Communities Winter Program

A program for high school students from China February 11-14, 2019

Climate change and extreme weather events have posed severe challenges to the security of food, water, ecology, and energy around the globe. At the same time, unpredictable earthquakes, floods, fires, drought, hazardous wastes and other disasters have also brought great threats to urban operations and people's lives and property. The rapid development of urbanization in China in recent decades has led to the lagging of risk response facilities in urban construction. In the context of global climate change, extreme weather events and frequent natural disasters, combined with the fragility of urban disaster prevention capabilities, leading to risk superposition and amplification effects. If we do not pay attention to it in time, more unpredictable disasters may occur in the future. It is an urgent and complicated task to address how to adapt to climate change and enhance capabilities of disaster prevention and recovery to improve the resilience of cities by civil society.

This program is organized by IP-CALS, Professional Development, Cornell University and Youth Lead.  Contact Mi Yan for more information.  Chinese students register here

New York Youth Institute "US-China Youth Resilient Communities Innovation" Hackathon February 15, 2019 for NY and Chinese High School Students

This hackathon will focus on a hack for a rural community in New York and a large urban city in China.  The students who participate in the Resilient Communities program February 11-14th will join teams of NY high school to students to prepare a campaign to help communities better prepare or respond to emergencies that effect food systems.  Contact Francine Jasper for more information at  Click for registration form here.

The Cornell Resilient Communities Winter Program and the first US-China Youth Resilient Communities Innovation Hackathon are youth programs organized by Cornell University College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and Youth Lead. As an international project of the Cornell University College of Agriculture and Life Science, the project consists of two parts: the course and the competition. Through the immersion study at Cornell University from February 11th to 14th, students will learn about knowledge of urban resilience, disaster prevention, and mitigation, gain the skills of 3D modeling and experience the learning atmosphere at Ivy League school. On February 15th, Chinese students will team up with American students to participate in the one-day US-China Youth Resilient Communities Innovation Hackathon. Through a day of intense learning and brainstorming, the teams will present their ideas in the evening to showcase innovative solutions for improving community resilience and responding to disasters, especially food crises. Cornell University faculties and mentors will give comments for every team, and the winning team will win the competition trophies and prizes.

Contact for more information