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Alliance for Science

The Cornell Alliance for Science is an initiative for science-based agricultural communications that is focused on the global public good.

  • The Alliance ‘s network of diverse stakeholders is committed to:
  • Helping un-mute voices of potential beneficiaries of agricultural science and biotechnology in developing countries;
  • Forming alliances with non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and other partners who share common values around poverty reduction and sustainable agriculture;
  • Expanding the range of choices about plants and livestock for farmers and consumers by providing access to information about available technologies;
  • Reclaiming the conversation around agricultural biotechnology so that science- and evidence-based perspectives drive decision-making.

The Alliance will build and foster a globally coordinated communications platform to connect, equip, and empower public sector partners in their communication efforts by providing evidence-based information resources and training activities. Communication resources are accessible to a wide variety of audiences, ranging from the general public to researchers, policymakers, journalists, and other stakeholders.

The Alliance will help foster more constructive policies about biotechnology as a useful tool in the toolbox of food security and sustainability to help address global challenges such as persistent poverty, a changing and erratic climate, and the formidable task of feeding 9 billion people by 2050.

Target Regions:

Africa | Asia

Project Dates:

Aug 2014 – Aug 2017