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Center of Excellence for Agriculture

The COEA will develop innovative, transformative, and industry-validated curricula for undergraduate and graduate students with due consideration of gender equity; and 2) facilitate readily translatable, solutions-based research that addresses the current and emerging needs of Egyptian agriculture centered on the seven priorities of Egypt’s Sustainable Development Strategy. In doing so, the COEA will develop: 1) workforce-ready students ready to make immediate impact in the Egyptian agricultural economy; 2) research products that transform agricultural businesses and livelihoods; and 3) a sustainable, replicable, and inclusive model, highly valued and financially supported by a wide range of stakeholders throughout Egypt.

The COEA is a partnership among Cornell University, Cairo University and U.S. land grant institutions (Michigan State University, Purdue University, and University of California-Davis), Egyptian universities (Ain Shams University, Assiut University, Benha University, and Suez Canal University) and Sathguru Management Consultants.

The COEA consists of five components:

  • Governance:The Governance component includes the establishment of an Advisory Board, a Steering Committee, and technical sub-committees.
  • Instructional Innovation and Curriculum Design: The IICD will promote student-centered, active learning across the curriculum that emphasizes experiential learning.
  • High Quality Applied Research: HQAR will develop a research structure that solves real problems and informs policy and will competitively fund $4 million for applied research programs.
  • Exchanges. Trainings, and Scholarships: ETS will fund over 300 scholarships for Egyptian students, emphasizing women, and other groups that with access barriers in the Egyptian undergraduate environment.
  • Cross-cutting components: Communications, Information Technology and Gender