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Climate-Resilient Farming Systems

The mission of this program is to: improve tropical smallholder farming systems for greater productivity and resilience to climate change through ecological approaches

Using ecological processes, we strive to improve the biological efficiency of farming systems and generate synergies to produce a triple win:

  • Sustainably increase agricultural productivity and incomes
  • Build resilience to climate change 
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions 

​Currently, we focus on scaling up of the System of Rice Intensification (SRI), with focus on West Africa (

Our operational strategies are to integrate agro-ecological approaches depending on farmer needs, constraints and opportunities. These approaches include

  • System of Rice Intensification (SRI)/ System of Crop Intensification (SCI)
  • Sustainable Land and Water Management
  • Agrobiodiversity Management
  • Agroforestry

Our research and extension approach combines scientific knowledge with local knowledge, using participatory research approaches with farming communities to create innovative solutions that benefit and empower farmers.

​We do this pragmatically and efficiently by combining research with community-based development approaches and by complementing farmer-driven innovation processes with analytical tools and technical know-how.

We involve stakeholders from local to international decision and implementation levels.

We strive for large-scale impact.

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