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International Development Studies Minor

The minor in International Development Studies offered by International Programs in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS) can be pursued by undergraduates majoring in any CALS field other than IARD. This minor is designed to enrich student preparation for leadership and future employment in an increasingly interconnected and dynamic world through design of a suitable complementary set of international development courses to match their own major. The minor combines relevant coursework and overseas experience to enhance employment opportunities overseas.

Degree Requirements

In addition to fulfilling all of the requirements of any chosen major in CALS, students must complete the following requirements for the minor.

  • 15-18 credits (5 courses minimum) with significant international content, as recommended by the students' major advisor or the IP Associate Director (four should be CALS courses). View some approved courses
  • One semester of a suitable International Development seminar. The Cornell International Institute of Food, Agriculture and Development (CIIFAD) seminar, IARD/AEM/CSS/NTRES 6960, is also recommended and should be taken in addition. View suggested seminars
  • An approved overseas experience, preferably in a developing country. This can be a student exchange, study abroad program, internship, or faculty-led short course.
  • Foreign language competency is highly recommended, but not required.