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Approved Courses with Significant International Content

A list of some example courses that meet the requirements of the International Development Studies minor.
Requires 15-18 credits or 5 courses minimum with preferably 4 from CALS although some can come from an overseas program where there was transfer of credits back to CALS related to the subject of International Development

Course # Course Title Semester Taught Credits
IARD courses
IARD 2020 Perspectives in International and Rural Development Fall 3
IARD 4010
 and 6010
Experience Latin America I: Rural and Urban Realities
Experience Latin America II (Chiapas Edition)
2 + 3
IARD 4020
and 6020
Agriculture in Developing Nations I
Agriculture in Developing Nations II (India)
2 + 3
IARD 4000
ANSC 4000
Feeding the World: The Biological and Quantitative Analyses of Livestock and Crop Systems Fall 4
IARD 4140 Tropical cropping systems Fall 4
IARD 3200
HORT 3200
Experiential Garden-Based Learning in Belize Spring 3
Applied Economics and Management courses
AEM 2000 Contemporary Controversies in Global Economy Fall 3
AEM 2300 International Trade and Finance Spring 3
AEM 4450 Food Policy for Developing Countries Fall 3
Development Sociology courses
DSOC 2050 International Development Spring 3
DSOC 3200 Rethinking Global Development: New Frameworks Spring 3
Nutrition courses
NS 2600 Introduction to Global Health Spring 3
NS 3060 Nutrition Problems of Developing Nations Fall 3
NS 4450 Toward a Sustainable Global Food System: Food Policy for Developing Countries Fall 3
NS4570 Health, Poverty, and Inequality:  A Global Perspective Fall 3
NS 4630 Global Health, Development, and Policy Issues in Tanzania Summer 4
Natural Resources courses
NTRES 3220 Global Ecology and Management Fall 3
NTRES 3330 Ways of Knowing: Indigenous and Local Ecological Knowledge Fall 3
Plant Breeding
PLBR 2010 Plants, Genes, and Global Food Production Fall 3