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Christine Chung

Organization: EGBOK Mission
Dates: 1-Jun-11 - 20-Aug-11

In Christine's own words

How I contributed: My responsibilities included:

  • Consolidating and managing the financial operations for seven satellite sites and nine volunteers and staff members throughout Cambodia;
  • Preparing monthly accounting reports of the Cambodia's Hope Project for the Board of Directors;
  • Holding weekly tutoring classes in English, French and personal finance for all students in vocational training schools;
  • Developing and instituting a three-part math curriculum to be taught in EGBOK Mission classes; and
  • Aiding in the job search process for the ten EGBOK Mission students graduating from hospitality vocational schools in Siem Reap 

What I felt most challenged by: During the job search process for one of the students, a HR Manager of a well-established hotel in Siem Reap told me to take my student's CV (the student is female) to Poi Pet, which is a city on the Cambodia/Thailand border. Poi Pet is infamous for having many casino/resorts with little law enforcement, making it a prominent location for inappropriate conduct. One can often find many girls who are trafficked there. The fact that the HR Manager looked at the picture of my female student, stated, "Oh, she's pretty," and told me to go to Poi Pet was one of the most shocking and personal affronts I had encountered in Cambodia. Ultimately, though, I remembered that I was representing the NGO and was able to civilly decline the HR Manager's "recommendation" and leave the meeting with a straight and professional face.

What I enjoyed most: I enjoyed getting to know the students the most. Hearing their stories, and seeing the obstacles that the students had to overcome, was truly humbling and the best experience I had in Cambodia.

Would I recommend this experience: The EGBOK Mission team cares not only for the students that they are helping, but also of the volunteers. It was like being in a family and I had an amazing time getting to know the students and my fellow volunteers.