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Pamela Lhundup

Organization: Office of International Affairs, National Taiwan University
Dates: Jun 1, 2017 to July 30th 2017

In Pamela's Own Words:

How I contributed:  For the internship portion of my experience, I assisted the office with their needs. I had the opportunity to work with a small bamboo shoot farm called Land Dyke in another county. At Land Dyke, I had an assortment of work including checking for shoot growth, fertilizer application, numbering shoots, etc.  After the actual program began, I contributed to NTU's mission by constantly participating in activities, asking questions, and overall contributing to the academic environment.

What I felt most challenged by:  The most challenging part was simply keeping up physically. The program had a very tight schedule that included travel to other parts of the island. Traveling, studying, field activities,  and the humid weather took was more physically taxing than I am used to.

What I enjoyed most:  As I have been to Taiwan before, this experience allowed me to explore other regions of Taiwan that I had never visited or even heard of before. I was also able to meet many kind people from around the world.

Would I recommend this experience: Yes. It has a great mix of inside and outside learning as well as creating a great environment for interacting with people you usually wouldn't.

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