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Mason Leist

Organization: CALs Global Fellows
Dates: 6/3/2019 to 7/26/2019
Web site:

In Mason's own words:

How I contributed: I was able to work with Jasberry rice in marketing, grant writing, alternative farming planning, and daily tasks.

What I felt most challenged by: I was challenged by the language barrier mostly outside of the workplace.

What I enjoyed most: I enjoyed learning from my peers and visiting the Yasothon farming collective with the Jasberry team.

Would I recommend this experience: Yes, I think this company definitely would fit the interest of IARD students who are excited by the potential of social enterprise in agriculture.

Lindsay Borman

Organization: International Sustainable Development Studies Institute
Dates: January 4, 2018 to June 12, 2018

In Lindsay's own words:

How I contributed: By working hard at understanding holistic and complex relationships between the state, people, culture, and the biosphere.

What I felt most challenged by: Culture shock. Adjusting to language and societal norms.

What I enjoyed most:  The food and the joy of hard work paying off in language studies. Also, personal connections made with home stays.

Would I recommend this experience:  Absolutely. Because I learned more in 4 months there than I have in years of conventional school. It was extremely challenging and difficult, and extremely rewarding.