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Emma Volk

Organization: Plant Village, Penn State University
Dates: May 23, 2016 to July 8, 2016

In Emma's own words:


How did you contribute:   I contributed to Plant Village's goal to provide free, online information about crop diseases and pests by gathering data on crop diseases and pests in Cap Haitian, Haiti. This data was used  to build an app in which you can identify a crop's disease by simply taking a picture of it. This information will hopefully help the farmers in Cap Haitian by providing access to information that they might not have had before.

What did you feel most challenged by? I found it difficult to adapt to limited conversation with the people I needed the most information from. The farmers I worked with spoke limited English, and I spoke even more limited Haitian Creole.

What did you enjoy most?  I enjoyed the work on the farms the most. I had never actually been on a farm before, so it was a whole new experience watching farmers tend to their crops and participating in something I had only ever studied before.

Would you recommend this experience to other students?  If students here can get involved in Plant Village, I would definitely recommend it. If people want to be involved in a group that believes in the power of information and strives to make it available for everyone, Plant Village is the place to go. The people involved are inspiring, and the amount of knowledge you gain will help guide your agricultural studies.

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