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Hannah Rae Warren

Organization:   SosteNica
Dates:   5/25/2015 - 10/15/2015

In Hannah's own words

How I contributed:   Built a community garden and conducted community agriculture workshops and social workshops.

What I felt most challenged by: Cultural differences and lack of respect for women.

What I enjoyed most: The language, the people I lived with and the climate.

Would I recommend this experience: I would recommend it to some who has experience designing and budgeting their own classes, projects or workshops.I say this because there was very little structure or support, but this allowed for creativity and flexibility.

Chris Dennis

Organization: CO2bambu
Dates: 1-Jun-11 - 9-Jul-11

In Chris's own words

How I contributed: I think the connection we made with the company was the most valuable thing that came of the tirp. Since our trip, one of the members has returned to Nicaragua to work for CO2bambu and many of us are liaising and working with the company where we can. Also the composting toilet we built was adopted by the workers, and will be using waste sawdust produced by the factory to produce rich soil for CO2Bambu's tree nurseries. We were also successful in building our Eco-stoves.

What I felt most challenged by: Due to our lack of experience in construction, we were not very helpful when we joined the CO2bambu team in working on building the homes. The best we could do was work hard and try to get better. All in all I don't think we were too much of a hindrance.

What I enjoyed most: My favorite part of this experience was hiking through the Nicaraguan rain forest finding native bamboo clumps.

Would I recommend this experience: I would recommend this international experience to students who are interested in low cost housing issues because it teaches you in depth how a low cost housing company works.

Jamie Johnson

Organization: CO2 bambu
Dates: 22-May-11 - 5-Jul-11

In Jamie's own words

How I contributed: Helped build houses, built stoves, a composting toilet, water catchment systems and took many photos for the director.

What I felt most challenged by: I kept getting sick. I decided to limit my diet and slowly find what was making me sick.

What I enjoyed most: Getting to know the people I worked with and listen to their stories.

Would I recommend this experience: It was a great location with many nice people. I learned so much about bamboo and construction. Overall a wonderful experience.

Alejo Kraus-Polk

Organization: EcoAgriculture Partners
Dates: 10-Feb-11 - 18-May-11

In Alejo's own words

How I contributed: Hard work, often times manual labor. In sharing my views and my world I broadened their minds to the possibility of another perspective very different from their own.

What I felt most challenged by: There was an initial language challenge, as I was traveling with a more competent Spanish speaker who often contributed more to conversation. I allowed him to do so because I was relatively uncomfortable putting my own self out there at first. Once my traveling companion left I was forced to interact and quickly my comfort in these situations increased and I had overcome that first bit of inertia.

What I enjoyed most: Living with families of hardworking and inspirational farmers.

Would I recommend this experience: / Going out there and planning you own travels is a experience in itself. Spontaneity and flexible can be uncomfortable, but the struggle is important.