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Marlie Lukach

Organization: Perrotis College Summer Study Abroad
Dates: 5/4/2019 to 7/14/2019
Web site:

In Marlie's own words

How I contributed: I helped work on some of my professor's projects that are to help improve agriculture in Greece.

What I felt most challenged by: The most challenging aspect was the language barrier. There are people who speak English but many do not.

What I enjoyed most: I really enjoyed the cultural excursions. We got to visit Athens and go sailing.

Would I recommend this experience? I would not recommend this program. They are extremely disorganized on all levels and do not seem to have the time to have a study abroad summer semester. They are a bunch of week-long programs that they pay more attention to and the student there for the study abroad program get little attention, even if there are issues occurring. The research projects they have for the undergraduates are more high school level and not challenging in any aspect.