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Kevin Murphy

Organization: DLS Capital Management
Dates: 6-Jun-14 - 8-Aug-14

In Kevin's own words

How I contributed: I worked for the company and performed tasks such as service calls, spreadsheet modeling, filing, data entry and analysis, and accounting/auditing work. 

What I felt most challenged by: Adjusting to being away from my home over the summer months and the long distance between myself and family for the entire summer. 

What I enjoyed most: Being in another country and absorbing their culture. I also enjoyed the people I met and lived with and felt as though the host nation was very welcoming. 

Would I recommend this experience: Yes. Because Ireland is very welcoming of Americans and is consistently voted one of the friendliest nations on earth. Therefore, it will help students more easily adjust to a foreign nation. Also, there are many opportunities in Ireland in sectors such as agriculture, finance, technology, and the service industry.