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Naryman Arujau

Organization: Family Farm
Dates: 15-Jun-14 - 15-Aug-14

In Naryman's own words

How I contributed: There was no true structure to my roles and responsibilities, which meant most of my workday was comprised of farm chores, personal research, and exploration. Halfway through the summer, everything seemed to change overnight. I was right in the middle of everything and loved every minute of it. During the latter half of the Internship, I created a new system for tracking my grandfather’s gross sales to help visualize how much profit he was making. 

What I felt most challenged by: My initial challenges during the first few weeks on the farm were not being able to speak the language, foreign cuisine, and culture shock. 

What I enjoyed most: Being in another country and absorbing their culture. I also enjoyed the people I met and lived with and felt as though the host nation was very welcoming. 

Would I recommend this experience: Yes. But mainly to students like me who had lost their roots and needed to return to their culture of their parents and learn what it was like to be on a farm like my grandfather now managed.