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Surayya Diggs

Organization: SIT - International Studies and Multilateral Diplomacy
Dates: Aug 19 2015 to December 1 2015

In Surayya's own words

How I contributed: For many of our school projects we interviewed locals to get a perspective on their lives. I believe that through this I was able to have a positive contribution to the local community

What I felt most challenged by: The biggest challenge was that my host mom only spoke French.... she didn't know one word of English, at all. This was a challenge, but I was also very thankful for the experience.

What I enjoyed most: I loved having a host mom and being in Europe. In Europe you can go to so many countries on a small budget.

Would I recommend this experience: Yes!!!!! Definitely. I would love to talk to students who are interested in study abroad. It was an amazing experience.