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United Kingdom

Daniel Hamos - England

Organization: King's College, London
Dates: 14-Sep-2014 to 16-Dec-2015

In Daniel's own words

How I contributed: As a student at Kings College London I focused primarily on my studies and contributed to the organization through performing well in my classes and my group projects.

What I felt most challenged by: I was challenged by culture shock initially. It was difficult to get accustomed to the many different traditions and norms which the people of London have been living by for hundreds of years. However, as my time went on I became used to these things, and by the end I actually enjoyed most of them.

What I enjoyed most: I enjoyed my trip to Vienna more than anything. I had the opportunity to go there for about a week and during that time I visited nearly every corner of the city. The city is an excellent meeting point between regal establishment and underground vogue culture. Additionally, the city places a huge emphasis on the arts, having been home to some of the greatest including Mozart, Egon Schiele and Gustav Klimt

Would I recommend this experience? Yes I would recommend doing this type of trip to anyone. Being able to travel through Europe and assimilate to an entirely different country and culture is a self-enriching experience which I believe every college student should go through. At at school like Cornell, it can be easy to surround yourself with small group of people who are all fairly similar. However, with an experience like this it is impossible not to expand your horizons, and that is the biggest benefit of studying abroad.

Craig Ladd - England

Organization: Cornell Abroad
Dates: 4-Jan-13 - 21-Jun-13

In Craig's own words

How I contributed: I went to class every day and met several British students.

What I felt most challenged by: Getting used to the pace of London versus Ithaca.

What I enjoyed most: Meeting people from all over the world in London.

Would I recommend this experience: Yes. It was an eye-opening experience and one that was significant in my college experience.

Sean Callahan - Scotland

Organization: Phantassie Organics
Dates: 19-Jun-10 - 12-Aug-10

In Sean's own words

How I contributed: I worked hard to make sure that everything that needed to get done on the farm was accomplished, and I also worked to be a helpful member of the farm community.

What I felt most challenged by: I found that occasionally it was difficult to spend so much time in a small town after being in London, I solved this by making trips to work the farmers market in Edinburgh and by having friends visit me from London.

What I enjoyed most: I enjoyed being part of a hardworking community, and learning the nuances of the Scottish and English cultures.

Would I recommend this experience: It was a great experience that taught me practical skills and also how to live as part of a community.