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Ian Grosfelt

Organization: School for International Training (SIT)
Dates: 21-Aug-12 - 9-Dec-12

In Ian's own words

How I contributed: I took part in some of the volunteer work SIT espoused for us and was able to put together a research project working with local professionals. The goals the program had for our projects I feel was accurately illustrated through my work.

What I felt most challenged by: I learned pretty quickly that I'm not a big fan of arabic food, and finding the right things to eat took time. The first few weeks were especially hard as host family hospitality dictated that I must be fed tremendously all the time. I eventually settled in, found my favorite foods, and got better at the whole eating thing.

What I enjoyed most: I most enjoyed my home stay as it allowed me to really assimilate into the culture. They felt as close as real family to me and were very nice and very helpful.

Would I recommend this experience: SIT has a very hardworking staff who will make your experience useful and fulfilling. Living with a Jordanian host family was one a very useful cultural exchange and I was able to assimilate into the culture in a way I otherwise would not have been able to.