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Christa Osumi

Organization: Runa Foundation
Dates: 06/17/2015 to 08/03/2015
Web site: Runa Foundation Internships

In Christa's own words

How did you contribute?  I worked with the local agricultural cooperative to design a program to empower the farmers the organization supports through teaching them how to provide more food for their families in a sustainable manner.

What did you feel most challenged by? I think I felt most challenged by the culture difference in the work place-- I was used to getting things done by specific deadlines, the ease of being able to set up meetings with people and the consistency of the work environment here. I quickly realized that is not how things generally work in these communities where a lot of things come up that will slow you down or cancel a lot of plans. I had to learn to be resilient and patient, resourceful and understanding.

What did you enjoy most? I thoroughly enjoyed living in the community and being fully immersed-- culturally and professionally. I felt very exposed to both aspects and I loved being able to be a part of it. Learning things about traditions, families, the food, the developmental organizations, way of life, etc.

Would you recommend this program to other students? I would because it gives you a good first glimpse of what development work can look like. The program was pretty well organized but gave you the opportunity to contribute much to the development of the projects. You get to work with many local organizations and have great support from the intern advisors.

Elizabeth Hoover

Organization: ProWorld
Dates: 2-Jun-12 - 2-Aug-12

In Elizabeth's own words

Would I recommend this experience: It was everything I wanted in an international experience.