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Study Abroad Programs and Internships

Constructing Stove
Henry Wells (2012) assisting Mexican NGO in building better-designed stoves for indigenous women leading to improved health.
New stove
End result - stove for Mexican indigenous women

An international experience is not only a core requirement for a BS in IARD, but it's also an exciting opportunity! Finding the right fit can take time, so plan ahead and do lots of research.

The internship can be arranged through the Cornell Abroad or the CALS Student Exchange programs, all of which are credit bearing. Some students do it this way, especially those who have financial aid, because financial aid will pay all the costs. For students who don't have financial aid, these programs can be expensive. IP-CALS encourages students who don't have financial aid or don't need credit to consider hands-on field internships that are not part of the Cornell Abroad or the CALS Student Exchange programs. To help place students in field internships, IP-CALS works directly with organizations working overseas private companies, and other institutions with which faculty are already engaged.

The internship can occur in a developing, emerging, or advanced country depending on the student's career path and other factors already mentioned, such as whether the student needs credit and/or receives financial aid. Students undertaking an IP-developed internship do so in summer- or semester-long affiliations. Upon completion of his/her internship, every student is required to complete a web-based survey and write a reflection paper which is posted on the IP-CALS website as a guide for other students. IARD 4960 is used to provide students one credit for doing these two things.