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Study Abroad Funding and Resources

Study Abroad Resources

An international experience is not only a core requirement for a BS in IARD, but it's also an exciting opportunity! Finding the right fit can take time, so plan ahead and do lots of research. These Cornell and College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS) resources are a good place to start:

  • CALS Internships, Service Learning and Volunteering Abroad - Opportunities vary greatly. Some are paid, while others are unpaid or even require payment to participate. They may be full-time, part-time, long-term or short-term. Your personal and professional goals need to be considered as well. And you may need a special visa or work permit.
  • Cornell Abroad - As you prepare for study abroad, you and your parents may have questions about the cost of study abroad. Will it be more expensive than study in Ithaca? Who do I pay? Will my financial aid apply towards the cost of study abroad? (Short Answer - YES!) 
  • CALS Student Exchange Programs - Programs are primarily offered in more-developed countries, but new programs are being added in less-developed countries. 
  • Cornell's Career Services Develop Your Own (DYO) Summer Internship Program

Study Abroad Funding Sources

  • The Cornell Commitment (Cornell Tradition, Hunter Rawlings, and Meinig Family) - gives you an expense account of $3,500 that can be used for travel. Each program has different requirements.
  • Public Service Center Scholar - great program that acts a bridge between your service work and your academics. Requires you to take a few classes with them and provides you with a $2,000 expense account for your own service.
  • Engaged Learning + Research - Check out their website, they have travel grants for people interested in service-learning. Online you can see the details about their application.
  • Departments affiliated with the location that you're travelling to - Sometimes a department has a special endowment for student to get funded for a trip if they take a class in that department. For example, the Southeast Asia programs gives students who plan to travel to Thailand $1000 if they take a course in the department. 
  • Research Grants - CALS has an undergraduate research department that provides funding for those interested in agriculture and social sciences. 
  • IP-CALS - There are limited funds available for travel for IARD students. Apply by sending a proposal with details about your internship, justification and a budget summary of what funds you have raised and what additional funds are needed to Peter Hobbs (
  • Undergraduate Student Grants Proposal Information - a list of several possible funding sources available to undergraduate students. 
  • McKinley '74 Family Grant - is open to all Cornell sophomores for the purpose of assisting students in pursuing interesting, provocative, and entrepreneurial summer projects, with the intent of having a direct and lasting impact on many generations of Cornell students. 
  • Alumni Association